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Help your YouTube channel to reach the stars!

Boost your videos by means of thousands of viewers

🔥 Price: $5 per 1000 views!

👫  Live views by people

👨‍💻  Grabbing attention

✅  Counted in the YouTube counter

🚀  Quick start of ordering

👀 Natural activity after viewing

👍  Likes, subscriptions and comments as gifts from viewers

🏄  Feel free to do for it!


1 000




3 000




5 000




10 000




20 000




50 000




100 000






$5 за 1000

For what concerns wholesale and standing orders, please contact @vipruteam on Telegram

Safely for channel

The video is watched on YouTube by users of our service, and the control over the watching is exercised by our browser extension

Views with retention

You yourself can set the duration of the guaranteed viewing, after which the user can continue viewing the video if your video is interesting

The views are counted by the counter

The YouTube counter counts and does not cancel the video views, since they are watched by real people from different cities, countries, browsers, screen resolutions, IP addresses and computers!

Natural behaviour

After the guaranteed duration of viewing retention, the user can continue viewing your video, like, comment, subscribe or share the video.

Useful traffic sources

Choose a script to go to the video. For example, a user goes to the "Video" section of your channel, finds the necessary video and clicks on its icon.

In YouTube Analytics, the traffic source will be “Channel Pages”, “Recommended”, and other internal sources that YouTube loves. The icon CTR turns out to be great!

Access to analytics

You can place an assignment for video viewing yourself or authorize our manager to do so.

You will have access to statistics, and you will be available to see with your own eyes how many additional free views of your video are brought by the Whole World users.

Who and why will watch your video?

Thousands of the browser extension users who install it themselves to earn money for watching videos, ads, completing tasks and using our partner program

The users install the extension into their own browsers themselves

The extension shows them ads and informs them on available video views

They earn MONEY for watching videos, ads and completing tasks

You just buy the attention of these people. And we will organize the execution of views. It is much faster, cheaper and more efficient than the usual types of promotion

How a video is viewed

Real performers plus the technology of views inspection using a browser extension — this is our main feature!

We do not hide the process of viewing videos, since we do not resell viewing services and do not use bots. We are building up our audience of high-quality performers.

This is why our prices are among the lowest on the market of SMM services with real audience.


After starting the task, the extension users receive a PUSH notification


The users follow the link contained in the PUSH notification and go to the YouTube channel with your video


The timer of guaranteed viewing retention is turned on


After the timer expiration, the users enter a captcha to confirm the view

After that, the users can continue watching, subscribe, give a like, share the video or leave a comment. Plus, your video gets into featured videos due to its high view rate, and you get additional free views and a target audience for which your video content is suitable.

How to start viewing videos


Choose the number of views and click "Buy" below


Enter the link to the video, your Email and pay for the purchase order


The manager will put the viewing task into operation


and inform you about the campaign results via Email

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